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$30 one time
$9.99 /mo
$30 one time
$19.99 /mo
$30 one time
$49.99 /mo
Dedicated page on Merch360
Up to 9 products
Custom page design
add your message and images
Digital mock ups
For your social media and ads
Merchant account
We take care of all transactions
We print and ship on demand
Reduced rate with DHL
see below
Sample shirts
12 shirts included
Design time

Frequently asked questions

It doesn’t take much more than your original logo or artwork to get started. Then you just need to have an audience to buy your product by marketing to your customers on social media, Youtube, your website or email list.

No. We provide all of that. We host the website and make a page for your products and brand. We help you set a price, collect the money by credit card or PayPal.
Then we fulfill the order. (see next answer)
At the end of the month we deposit payments into your bank account or PayPal.

We stock blank shirts in the color and sizes you want to offer. As soon as the customer orders, we professionally print the shirt and pack and ship it to the customer. We also email the customer the tracking number so they know it’s on the way. We answer any questions they have before and after ordering.

A lot more than you can with others. Other companies fees are much higher and that’s before you add in monthly costs like hosting, Shopify, designers merchant accounts and other fees. Usually that will only allow profits of $1 – $4 per product, on average that’s 5-20% on a $19 shirt, but our profit share is much better, usually 40% or $8 per shirt or more if you set the price higher.

Your customer pays shipping and sales tax in the state of California and all of Thailand. We are required to collect taxes in these 2 areas we operate.
DHL shipping is $21 and takes 3-4 days word wide. This is a special rate we get and so will you and your customers

Standard credit card fees are deducted from all profits for you and us.

Yes of course you can. But we offer a complete package from beginning to end. You don’t have to lift a finger. If you have never done e-commerce before you should ask your friends or search the web for honest answers. If you have done it before you know how the fees can add up and how much time it can take just to go to the post office.

The more people involved in your business, the more problems. We run your business under one 20,000 sq ft roof from web design, printing, sewing and packaging. Our entire team can easily communicate and work together, and it does it well.